For the Week of May 13, 2007

Yes, the song part is a lie.  Amanda needs to get past Jonathan and JR definitely needs to let go of his Babe obsession so this may be a good thing. At least Amanda and JR have no illusions about each other.  (Jumping waaay ahead here into fantasy land, can’t you just picture Adam and Janet as in-laws? What fun that would be.) 

Greenlee is more than a little disappointed when Ryan brings Annie along on the trip. 

Well, maybe Ryan did not have enough frequent flyer miles for both a divorce trip and a honeymoon, so he combined the two. 

Greenlee helps Annie through an asthma attack. 

That’s sweet but we all know that what Greens really wants to do is hold a pillow over Annie’s face. 

Annie tells Ryan that he needs to resolve things with Greenlee. Annie gives the divorced couple time alone. 

Annie is one smart cookie. Her actions will only make Ryan more devoted while completely mystifying Greenlee. 

Greenlee tells Ryan that she had hoped the original divorce papers would have shocked him into fighting for her. 

Oh, Greenlee, that was never going to happen because Ryan could not see past his own anger and hurt. As a leather jacket clad Palmer once said about Ryan, “he is a boy, not a man.”

Meanwhile, back in PV: 

Kendall tells Zach that she feels guilty because she has a wonderful life and Greenlee doesn’t. 

Zach will undoubtedly use his sexy logic to convince Kendall to feel differently. 

Jack and Erica catch Sean and Ava pantless. 

Will they try the “I spilled soda on my pants” routine again? If so, I suggest an appropriate punishment would be making the two kids drink out of sippy cups in public for the next few months.  

Once again Jonathan verbally attacks Ava. Ava gets angry. They kiss. 

If only Lily, Kendall and Greenlee had kissed Jonathan, maybe he wouldn’t have trapped them in the cave.  

Sean asks Colby to the prom. 

That’s so sweet I am almost verklempt.  The big question is, will Colby find out about Sean and Ava before she gets dressed for the prom or after? 

Erica decides to produce a reality show about her divorce from Jack.   

Will the viewers get to decide whether or not the divorce is finalized?  Will Erica’s reasons for leaving home ever make sense? 

Adam asks Zach to help him wrest control of Chandler Enterprises away from JR. 

Tap. Tap. Shuffle. Tap. Those sounds are me doing a happy dance! Adam and Zach, together at last!  

Oh, those AMC actors. 

“Dixie lives” was written on Janet’s notepad and for all we know, it may be true. However, what is definitely true is Cady McClain’s return to ATWT as Rosanna.

Here’s to another week in the Valley!

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