November 14, 2007





The Jake-Truth is out!! 

*strikes up the band*

*releases balloons and streamers*

It's about damned time, too!  I must confess, I was beginning to think they would keep Jake and Lucky in the dark until the boy was SORAS'd to eighteen!  Then again...


Jake is smarter than Lucky, so he would have figured it out long before Lucky was let in on the truth.  I know, I know, I shouldn't kick a guy when he's down.  It's not that I don't feel for Lucky; or at least the *idea* of Lucky.  What Lizzeh and Jason did to him WAS beyond cruel - no matter their intentions; which were (I believe) good.  Problem with good intentions?  They usually pave the way to hell and that's where Lucky is right now.  Sort of. 


I want to feel awful for Lucky, but why does he have to make it so damned hard?  Yes, he has every right in the world to be pissed at Lizzeh.  EVERY right.  No one should be lied to - ever - about their parental status; not even if it's for their own good.  I hated it when Nora did it to Bo, on OLTL.  I hated it when Babe did it to JR and Binks on AMC, and again when Krystal did it to Adam and Tad; and I loathed it when Lizzeh did it to Jason and Lucky, then when Jason agreed with her.  He could have (and should have) talked her out of it; at least as far as Lucky was concerned.  Lucky was the ONE person they should have told; no question.  And yes, Sam was right ABOUT ONE THING:  Lizzeh started the ball rolling on the Jake-Truth debacle in the first place.  This is something Lizzeh has never denied or tried to shift blame for.  She has admitted how wrong she was and what a HUUUUGE mistake she made.

As I've stated, Lucky has every right to be royally pissed off, and I'm not even going to try to take that away from him.  H-o-w-e-v-e-r, while he may be an innocent victim in the paternity lie, he is not so innocent in the events leading up to the lie itself and continuation of it thereafter.  Now, please don't misunderstand me and think that I am in any way condoning such a horrific lie, for I am not.  What I am saying is that Lucky put Lizzeh in a very untenable position.  She is not wrong about Lucky's one and only reason for FINALLY going into rehab and kicking drugs:  "HIS" baby.  Lizzeh wasn't enough reason for him to do it, Cameron wasn't enough reason; it was only when he learned that he was about to become a father, by blood, that he decided to clean up his act.  That, in itself is very telling, and yes, it does put an undue amount of pressure on Lizzeh, not to mention the unborn baby in question.  *I* am not as patient or kind or forgiving as Lizzeh, so THAT?  Would have made me not only go through with the divorce, but it would have made me spill the paternity beans the moment he set foot in rehab.  She was on the right track with the divorce, I just wish she would have stayed the course.  Lucky's sobriety is HIS responsibility, no one else's.  He should have been able (and willing) to stand on his own (grown) feet - or not.  Either way, it can't be up to Lizzeh, and certainly not an as yet unborn baby, to keep Lucky on the wagon. 

Lest anyone accuse me of spouting the Lizzeh-partyline; Lucky USED that crutch for all it was worth every time he felt Lizzeh slipping away from him.  He used it to keep her anchored to him and don't let's anyone think he didn't know what he was doing.  He knew precisely when and how to use it to his advantage and there's no getting around it.  He brought it up time and again, so he cannot now call her on her belief that he is as weak and pathetic as he accuses her of thinking he is.  He cannot now play the victim IN THAT REGARD.  Lizzeh DID come by those fears and misgivings honestly.  He has been weak, pathetic, jealous and insecure for quite some time now - since returning from the dead, in fact.  Lizzeh was a fool to believe that he was still the Lucky she fell in love with as a teen, but being a fool for love is not criminal or despicable.  Lizzeh lied.  To Lucky and to herself most of all.  I can forgive her though.  (*dodges rotten fruit*)  Why can I forgive her and not Sam or even poor, dumb Lucky?  It all boils down to INTENT for me.  You will never hear me say that I think she was right for lying about Jake.  What I will say is that I understand her motivation for doing so.  Don't agree with it - not one bit - but even with all my anger at her for doing it, I can forgive her - because she didn't do it to intentionally inflict pain on someone else.   That is the ONLY reason why I can forgive her and not Sam, or even Lucky (right now). 

Lucky has heaped more than a fair share of abuse on Lizzeh, and his cruelty and idiocy are the main reasons I find it hard to feel very sorry for him.  That is not to say that I think he DESERVED to be hurt by such a horrific lie, or that he had it coming; no one deserves that.  It's just really hard to feel sorry for such a complete and perfect ass.  There are moments when Lucky sucks me in and, like Lizzeh, I WANT so desperately to believe that Lucky has finally turned a corner and then... the ass rears his ugly... um... head... and all the sympathy I had for him just evaporates.  How sad is that?  Someone needs to tell the writers that they don't NEED to complete eviscerate a character (such as Lucky) in order to make their favorite hero (ie: Jason or Sonny) look more heroic.  Really... they DON'T.  It's okay for someone else to be a good guy, too.  It really doesn't take anything away from their favorite heroes to make someone else look good in ADDITION to them.    Lucky Spencer is a legacy character.  Making him the bad guy does a disservice to this show, to the fans, and to the characters who essentially put GH on the map:  Luke and Laura.   Time to stop assassinating the character and go pick on someone more deserving of being an ass.

Getting back to the subject at hand... The truth is out and Lucky is pissed.  Rightly so.  What wasn't right about the reveal?  The timing, for one.  Sam sticking her nose in, not to mention her snide, pointed comments about how Lizzeh is the evil and she is the ultimate victim in all this.  "Oh Jason couldn't tell you sooner cause he had to unload poor, barren, childless me first."  WTF?!  Talk about a narcissist!  Talk about a liar!  Also?  Lucky-the-pot-calling-Lizzeh-a-whore?!  Um... here's a mirror, Lucky.  See that reflection?  THAT, is a whore.  While you're at it, shine that mirror on Sam, too.  Call her a liar, call her cruel, call her misguided, call her a fool, but a whore?  Nope, doesn't fit.   And for him to (as I stated earlier) question how she could possibly see him as too pathetic to handle the truth?  Um... again, take a look in the mirror, Luckless, you branded yourself with that distinction over and over again - no fair using that against her now.  In other words, yes, be righteously and royally pissed at her for letting him believe that Jake was your son, you have every right to be and you DON'T need to support that righteous anger with unfounded or baseless accusations or assumptions.  THAT alone gives you every right and reason to be hurt and angry - leave it at that.  Then?  When you have had a little more time to actually process what the truth means, maybe you can actually sit down and think about the part you played in the whole mess; the ways in which you contributed to Lizzeh feeling as though she had no choice but to lie.  (She did have a choice, I'm just saying...)  The lie itself is all on Lizzeh.  What contributed to it?  Some of that is on Lucky. 

As for Sam?  She doesn't belong ANYWHERE in this equation.  Not any more.  She was out of it the moment she dumped Jason - at least she should have been.  She had no place in that reveal/confrontation.  While I am IMMENSELY relieved that Lucky FINALLY knows the Jake-Truth, I'm not crazy about the part Sam played in making it happen.  Yes, it should have been months ago, and yes, it SERIOUSLY needed to come out, but Lizzeh was right about one thing (and I mentioned this already):  The timing.  Did it need to come out at the place and time that it did?  I would say no.  Really, REALLY bad time - and not just to spare Lucky's feelings.  They were in an already dangerous predicament as it was, and EVERYONE needs to be focused and on their game in order to avoid being the next body in the ever growing body count.  It was clear (to me, at least) that Sam didn't REALLY want to spill the paternity beans just yet.  I mean, she was really on a roll, her jealousy and hatred over Lizzeh was just oozing out of every pore and she let it get the better of her.  I don't think she would have actually told THAT particular truth whilst she was verbally pummeling Lizzeh in front of Lucky; I firmly believe she would have come up with something else to tell Lucky, but she literally had them all (herself included) backed into a corner.  I know I wasn't the only one who saw her slight shake of the head and the silent pleading in her eyes at Jason right before he spilled the paternity beans.  She went too far, and she gave away the only thing she had left to hold over their heads and she knew it.  She also knew that Jason and Lizzeh are still holding something major over her head - which is the only reason she backed down and tried to drag Lucky away. 

Now that the truth is out there, I could literally smack the snot out of Lizzeh for not exposing Sam's misdeeds regarding the Jakenapping and the thugs in the park.  WHY, in the name of peanut butter, didn't Lizzeh finish that thought, when she pointed out how Jason was trying to protect Jake from anyone who would hurt him, starting with SAM???!  Why, why, why?!!   I dunno... maybe Lizzeh realized that Lucky wouln't believe her and Jason over Sam and she'd just be wasting her breath?  Either way, I still wanna slap her for not telling him.  At least THAT truth would be out there, too.  And maybe, JUST MAYBE, Lucky wouldn't be so willing to go along with the idea to try and take Jake and Cam away from Lizzeh just to punish her for lying to him.  Maybe.  But, this is Lucky we're talking about here and, like Sam, he's only concerned about his own pain.  He has never put his kids or Lizzeh first, so why would I even entertain the notion that he'd do the mature thing now?


But hey... it's one hurdle jumped!  And (mercifully) it's time to get things moving along now that Inspector Clueless has finally been hit with a clue-by-four. 

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